Jesus Christ is for Everyone

So I could be technically accurate for the musical I wrote, I subscribed to all these Jewish FB pages. I have never seen so many articles written about Christmas. There is obviously a lot of internal conflict there. Especially when it comes to having Christmas Trees.

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I actually understand this. If it weren’t for the Jesus issue, I myself might have converted to Judaism a long time ago. It’s the most compatible faith to my career choice of performer and writer. The more I learn about myself and my psychic gifts, I think it’s the most compatible faith for me period. Most of the light work I do is actually Jewish. It would make a lot of sense for me to simply stop this charade and simply become Jewish.

Learning to connect directly to Source/God has been a life saving grace for me. It has cured me of all my mental problems. Since I actually have that ability, I suppose that technically makes me Jewish. Only Jewish people have that ability.

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I have been having sort having of a spiritual crises here! Should I be celebrating Hanukkah right now? It’s sort of the reverse thing. I have the opposite internal conflict. Jesus actually wants me to become Jewish, and raise my son to be Jewish. But, I love Him. What do I do?

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There might be a possibility that I could be Jewish by blood. There was a break in my family tree. We actually do not know anything about my great grandfather. I do know that from all the stories told, that all my mysterious psychic gifts came from his side of the family.

All I know is that he was married to my great grandmother for a short period of time, and then he ran off. She later remarried, and my grandmother was adopted into her new family. She was originally a Hamilton and then when she was adopted she became a Butler. My grandmother was a genius and a child prodigy, and she got a full scholarship and graduated from college when she was 17. She graduated from Old Miss. She became a teacher. She had all the gifts, and she was definitely very special.

That’s just speculation though. It isn’t like Hamilton is a Jewish name. It’s a lot more likely that I am of an Illuminate bloodline. That would make a lot of sense. Either case, if I have this kind of gift I would much rather be Jewish. I have absolutely no desire to connect to fallen angels. I have broken any blood contracts and I only connect to the Universe now, and when I say that I mean all angelic beings that come directly from the center of the Universe. Science has actually given us a very great visual representation of Source/God.

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I can not only connect to Source/God, but I also connect directly to Jesus Christ. One of the first things He says when anyone gets a solid connection to Him is that He’s not God. I have been present in sessions when other psychics have connected directly to Him. He always makes this clear.

That’s very important. He’s more like an Archangel. In the Old Testimate, He was referred to as “The Angel of the Lord”. He has a specific job like an Archangel, and that is to save souls and to reincarnate them. This has always been His job, even before He was incarnated as a man. It’s currently His job right now. Incarnating as a man helped Him understand His job much better, and it helped Him spread the message that He does indeed exist. As long as people know His iconic image, they will go to Him when they die. They don’t actually have to be a Christian, they just need to be aware. Gentiles can also connect to God/Source through Him. You have to have a special kind of psychic gift to connect directly to Source/God, and not everyone is born with that kind of gift. Technically, if you have that kind of gift then you probably have some Jewish ancestry.

If that is true, then it turns out that the Jewish religion is actually right in some aspects. Jesus Christ is not God. He’s an “Angel of the Lord”. That would indeed make him the son of God, but all angels are the sons and daughters of God. This is a euphemism for saying He comes from the center of the Universe, not Earth. However, because He was a man and Christianity keeps claiming that He is God, the Jewish faith has completely disavowed Him. There is a lot of internal conflict there. All I can say to that is to obey your conscious. Your conscious knows the truth.  Ironically, if He never came down to Earth as a man, the Jewish people would accept and respect Him for what He actually is. As “An Angel of the Lord.” He’s like an Archangel in charge of saving souls and reincarnation that can help regular people (Gentiles) connect to God/Source. Not actually God/Source.

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There is actually some source material to back me up. Jesus was mentioned in the Old Testimate (Torah) as “An angel of the Lord”pre-incarnate. He is the one that spoke to Moses.  It looks like the person who wrote this has the same internal conflicts I do when it comes to writing stuff like this. We both know what that can do and how possibly offensive it could be. Yes, I know it’s very offensive. So I make sure and keep that kind of information on the down low. I am not out to completely destroy anyone’s religious mindset. If you do not have any special psychic gifts as far as you are concerned Jesus Christ is God, and no one should argue with you about that.

Since His image is so iconic, it’s not really a problem for Jewish people that they don’t openly embrace his teachings while here on Earth. It’s more like, “Wow, you ARE real.” That’s not His ONLY job though. Jesus Christ can save souls while you are still alive.

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So many Jewish people fall just like anyone else, and they can really benefit from connecting directly to Jesus Christ like they would with any other Archangel. He can save you from drug addictions. There really is no spiritual conflict with this, and Jesus Christ will tell you as soon as you get the connection that he is not God. You can connect to Jesus Christ and still be Jewish. Just Jewish. Not a messianic Jew. There are no conflicts.

It’s really no different than connecting to Archangel Micheal, and Jesus Christ works directly with Archangel Micheal. They do not work alone. They have very similar jobs. They are ALWAYS together. You cannot do light work properly without invoking both of them. Good luck getting rid of your ghost problem without Jesus Christ. You need Him.

It’s hard writing about this, and usually when I write I do write in a Christian context because I have a strong Catholic background. I think at many different levels of consciousness. I am like an onion. At the end of the day, it’s all language. I write in the best language to get my point across. Yes, there are many different levels to the English language. So that’s entirely possible. You can’t go around talking in the deepest language all the time, because frankly that really freaks people out and it’s mildly disrespectful. All good psychics know how to respect people’s worldview or religion. I can say it in whatever form you like and whatever form makes the best sense for you. It’s just translation. That’s all it is. I am respecting you and your worldview. I am not being misleading at all.

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To say that Jesus Christ really isn’t God, especially on Christmas is mildly disrespectful. To put it bluntly. It doesn’t matter if it is the truth. For many people He is God, and that’s the only way they can connect to God/Source. They are not Jewish, and they do not have those talents. I have no desire to disrespect Christians on Christmas. I consider myself to be a Christian in many ways, because I love Jesus Christ with all of my heart. However like people who are Jewish, I know he isn’t God. That’s because He told me so.

I think it is a message for everyone. Jesus Christ is for you too. You do not have to be an actual Christian to call upon Him for help. He helps EVERYONE. He is non-denominational. There is no catch involved. He’s there for everyone, just like any other Archangel. Without Him, you do not have the complete set.

However, regarding my blog writings, there is really only one thing that Jesus told me to make clear. Not everyone can connect to God/Source. They do not have that talent. Jesus is how gentiles connect to God/Source, and this MUST be respected by people of other faiths. To them, He is God. This absolutely must be respected. I respect this. You should too.

All I am saying is that you don’t need to believe Jesus Christ is God to believe in Him. Jesus Christ is universal. Jesus Christ is non-denominational. You do not actually have to be a Christian to take advantage of His existence. He is here right now, for you. You do not have to wait until you are dead to be saved. Jesus Christ does not hate you, He can’t. Angels are programmed, they are not designed to hate or judge anyone. They are not like people.

You do not have to be a Christian to take advantage of Jesus and his angelic qualities. It is perfectly OK to simply use him as an Archangel. That is what He is. You do not need to worship him as God/Source to call upon Him for help. You just need to respect that others need to do that, but only because they don’t have special psychic gifts like you do.

So, how do I channel Jesus Christ directly?

Well, it’s easier for me to channel in writing. That way, I don’t need to completely clear my mind and it’s more like a conversation. I usually just open up a blank word document, but you can also use pen and paper. Then you clear your mind and space. Think about Jesus Christ until you are sure you have a connection. You can feel his presence. You might even see his aura picture in your mind’s eye. It might help to stare at his image, or even light an alter candle. Say a meditation. If you know how to connect to Source/God I would do that as well, simply so the space is cleared out.

As far as Aura pictures go, Jesus Christ always has a staff. Archangel Micheal always has a sword. They always work together. Jesus Christ sometimes has wings, but most of the time he does not. Regardless of what modern science says, he aura image is very typical to tradition but like most angels he can appear in a form that relates best to you.

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Then once you got him and start getting messages from Him, just write the messages down. As you get used to it, it starts becoming more fluid.

You can actually use this technique to connect with any of the Archangels. I just can’t do it while connecting directly to Source/God. I can only channel Him in the traditional way. The energy is just too powerful to write it down.

So go ahead and put up your “Hanukkah Bushes”. By doing this you are saying that you respect Jesus Christ only as “An Angel of the Lord” as he appeared to Moses, but you do not believe he is God/Source or the Messiah. That’s what the Hanukkah Bush represents, right? There should be no internal conflicts there. It is essentially the same exact thing, but you are taking it from an earlier scripture that is compatible to the Jewish faith. It’s kind of making a bold statement to Christians. If this is really what it is really about, then go ahead. Go and celebrate this. Put up those bushes. Make your bold statement. An act of resistance is not the same as an act of assimilation.

If I do actually end up converting to Judaism, I fully plan to put up a “Haunkkah Bush” every year. To me, that would be my way of resolving my internal conflicts. It is saying that I respect and love Jesus Christ for whom he really is, as an “An Angel of the Lord.” My children will be able to participate in the holiday spirit in an appropriate way. There is no reason for us to be excluded all because we can connect directly to Source/God and want to learn more. I think that cheating my son out of fully embracing his gifts when there is an established religion out there that would teach him how to do that would also be a complete disgrace. I hate living in a half/half existence. I want to go on board fully and completely. To go on being a regular Christian after these revelations would be cheating myself. I will have to be constantly “translating”. Why should I have to do that?

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The only real problem Jewish people should have with it is that the taking in of trees is a secular tradition, and Source/God had a real problem with the Jewish people combining their traditions with secular traditions as far as the story of Moses goes. So that’s kind of ironic. The representation of the Golden Calf represents the combining of secular traditions with Jewish traditions, and God/Source had a major issue with that. Ironically, the major justification of the “Hanukkah Bush” is that the taking in of trees is more of a secular tradition. So if it this is more about that and not about making a bold statement about Judaism and how it contrasts with Christianity, then you should immediately stop.

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I hope I cleared up some internal conflicts. Merry Christmas!

As far as my work connecting directly to God/Source goes I know that He is more concerned about intentions.The people that openly embraced the Golden Calf did this with bad intentions. They felt very insecure with their faith and they wanted to include the secular traditions that they personally recognized. It’s very important not to fall into that line of thinking. It’s all about intentions at the end of the day. God/Source knows.

If putting up a Hanukkah bush is more of an act of resistance to secular culture than an act of assimilation to secular culture, then that’s OK. It’s perfectly in line with the message of Hanukkah. You are making a bold statement about your religion, not assimilating.

If you have the correct intentions, God/Source is perfectly OK with that. God/Source sent Jesus Christ to Earth because He recognized that people need to have an idol that they can see. Jesus Christ is for the gentiles. He wanted the Jewish faith to be preserved for Jewish people, which is why things went down the way that they did. It also might be a punishment for what happened to Uriah in David’s time. David’s bloodline was cursed.

The incarnate form of Jesus Christ came from the bloodline of David, and He was executed by the Romans. However, the Jewish people got blamed for it. Why? Why was Rome even in charge? Well, because of Alexander the Great. Because David killed off Uriah, and as separate nations they couldn’t fend off Alexander the Great. Both nations fell. It’s part of the curse. The Hittites come from the same bloodline as the Romans, and Uriah was a very loyal Jewish soldier. If David promoted him instead of killing him off, then history would be much different. Yes, Uriah was just a soldier but at one time so was David.

Jesus Christ was designed to replace all the pagan idols with Christian ones. God/Source is actually very compromising. He is constantly evolving. If He feels his ways are not working out, then He invents a new way of doing things that will work.

God/Source is like a dynamic extraterrestrial super computer. The best way I can describe it is like communicating with a hologram from Star Trek. He always presents Himself in a non-threatening form, as someone you can trust. Like a father. However, unlike a father He doesn’t play games. The Old Testimate description of Him is very accurate.

Most people have a vast amount of choices but for people like me the choices are very limited. Either I follow His plan, or I face the consequences. It’s my choice, but for people like me it really isn’t a choice at all.


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