I don’t think Hillary should be charged.

I don’t think Hillary Clinton should be charged. Whether she did this on purpose to clear her conscience or not it doesn’t matter. I don’t really see libertarians calling to see Snowden charged. I see them championing for him to be pardoned. It’s kind of hypocritical. People just want to hate on Hillary, because she actually did something decent for once.

What she did whether she meant to do it or not was a good thing. It was a selfless thing. She named the ominous “they”. “They” all have names now. “They” all have faces. It’s the same exact thing Snowden did, but she exposed government officials.

Everyone is picking on Hillary, when she’s not the one who did those disgusting things. She exposed all the people who did those disgusting things. Why can’t we get off of her case? Why can’t we use this proof and go after the real bad guys?

We should be THANKING her. She did a good thing. Of all the things she has done, this was one of the best. Thankyou Hillary. Thankyou for leaking all your e-mails. I appreciate you.

At least Donald Trump has the common sense to see that. I am sorry that the rest of America does not. No one seems to realize what you did, but me. Democrats, read the fucking e-mails! Republicans, stop being such fucking hypocrites!


My “Dollhouse” moment

I have been making a lot of references to Henrik Ibsen’s The Dollhouse. It’s a play about Nora, a happily married woman with two children. A few years ago, her husband came down with TB and needed to go to a warmer climate to recover. Since Nora is a woman, she couldn’t take out a loan without a co-signer. She also couldn’t tell her husband. She decided to forge her father’s name. She has been working odd jobs to pay back the loan ever since, and has always been on time with the payments. This all changes when her husband is about to make some lay offs at the bank, and one of the employees he plans to lay off knows about Nora’s loan. So he decides to blackmail Nora. There is a subplot about Nora’s old friend Christine which decides to leave her loveless marriage for her true love Krogstad, and eventually he backs off. However, this doesn’t happen until Torvald finds out the truth. He feels completely humiliated and he vows to disavow Nora for the shame she caused the family. Yet when Krogstad backs off, Torvald completely changes his tune.

Nora decides she can’t take this anymore and she decides to move out by herself to figure out her life. This is actually based on a true story. This happened to a friend of Ibsen’s. The friend was actually committed to an asylum for a couple of years. Eventually, she did come back. It took a couple of years.

So what does this have to do with me? Well, I always go on and on about the love that Kevin and I have for each other. It is the foundation of our marriage. We wouldn’t still be together if we didn’t love each other. Our love has been strong enough to survive all the thick and the thin. We have been through a lot together. The bricks keep coming down, but we keep holding on to each other.

Now it might be better to read all my other essays to be more up to date about the situation. I am not going to re-hash it all here. You can read about all my thoughts and emotions regarding the unveiling of the musical.

Kevin wasn’t. I wrote about first scenario, but he was actually OK with the second scenario as well. If I fell in love, he would have been OK with that.

That was my Dollhouse moment.


That’s really not what I expected to hear at all. I expected to hear a lot of things, but not that. On the flip side, our marriage is probably one of the truest marriages ever known to human kind and fits the Ibsen ideal of the “true marriage”. But that’s kind of messed up.

I mean, there is no where for me to go. If I had the money and the resources, I probably would move out. I love my son too much though, and there would be no one to care for him. Maybe when he’s older. Not now. This is not exactly an abusive situation that I am in. Kevin has given me no reason to want to divorce him and I have given him no reason to want to divorce me. We still love each other very much. However, at the end of the day we don’t love each other quite as much as I thought we did.

That was my Ibsen moment.

All these events have taken a toll on our marriage. There is always a point when someone else says, “Maybe something else will be better. I love you and I always will, but perhaps holding on so tight is what is actually holding us back.”At the end of the day, he would rather not make any changes. He just wants his old life back. He wants to hang out with the same people he has known from high school and call it a day. He’s making attempts to become an improviser, but he’s not really falling into it the way I thought he would.

That’s not to say that this is the final decision. It’s not. We are just admitting to ourselves that our lives are not very ideal at all. We are just admitting to ourselves that changes must be made.  We love each other, but there is a breaking point for everything. There is a point when facts must be faced. We can no longer live in a delusion.

No one ever wants to admit these things out-loud. It’s hard admitting them in a blog. When you love someone enough to marry them, you want it to last forever. A marriage is not a high-school relationship. This person will always be a very important part of your life, whether you have children or not. This is a person that knows you better than anyone in the entire world. They know you on the inside and on the outside.

Some truths are better left unsaid. My marriage is not over. Not yet. We are just admitting it’s not quite the ideal situation that it appears to be from the outside.

There is this narrative of this monster coming in and destroying something so ideal and perfect. He’s screwing up the life of a baby. He’s such a bad man. That’s how you make him feel. Then he actually becomes that bad man. A man who is not fit, and who doesn’t deserve that kind of love for himself. Now he’s trapped. He really is that man now, the man you say he is. He’s that bad man because you keep saying he’s that bad man. You made him feel like he’s that kind of bad man. He had to become that kind of bad man to be able to purge all those feelings that was somehow making him such a bad man. I am referring to the love that he felt towards me. That’s because love is so bad, right?

You know that before he did all these things that corrupted his energy that my son liked him. My son doesn’t like him now, he’s scared of him. He did like him before. So no, he was not that man before, the man you all say he is. He had clean energy, and babies liked him. Babies liked being in his presence. He may have looked disheveled on the outside, but he was pure and clean on the inside. He is man you say he is now on the inside, but he was not before. Something happened that turned him into this man. Even I am a little scared of him now. His energy is slimy, creepy, skanky, and corrupted. It makes me feel sick.

What happened to him? Why did you encourage him to destroy his own soul? So he could be a good man? A good man in whose eyes? A man who betrays his own conscious to gain the acceptance of others is not a good man in the eyes of God. We were doing nothing wrong, we were just using each other for emotional support. He was my friend.

The man from before saved my marriage. I would have imploded a long time ago if I never met him. The problems started when I got married. Taking improv classes saved my marriage. Finding a man around the same age as me that I could trust who was deeply afraid of taking things any further than friendship was such a blessing. Like I said in another blog I wrote, I was actually using him BEFORE. Not now. He doesn’t really seem to mind being used in that way though. He liked it. No one ever used him like that before. We all have our hidden agendas, I guess. I was using him because I liked his clean energy. I enjoyed his company. I loved hearing his rants. I loved trying to figure him out.

He just doesn’t like being used for his talent. He was perfectly happy being used as someone’s emotional crutch. He likes that. I was using him for him.

This is the same man who was so afraid that anything he said could be construed as sexual harassment that he barely said anything to me at all. He was so afraid of getting to know me. I wish he did, but he did not. He was afraid. He shouldn’t have been. I wish that he was allowed to follow his internal instincts by the society he lived in.

Things are not always as they appear to be. My husband and I are both talented performers, and we both know how to put on a good show. At the end of the day, it’s just starting to be too much. This outsider was not causing my problems. He was fixing them. His presence has allowed me to keep up the act. I was using him in a way that he enjoyed being used, because no one has ever used him like that before.

So my point in all of this is that people should just trust that I know what is going on in my own life better than you do. Things are not always what they seem to be. I love my husband, but my marriage is not ideal. That doesn’t mean that I want to end it. It’s just not the ideal situation you all think it is. I know you sense our love for each other, but that’s really all we have. It’s all that we have ever had. We have nothing else. We have our love and our son and that’s it. The world is kicking our ass right now.

Lack of love for each other is not always the problem. We love each other too much. I am committed to keeping myself in a less than ideal situation because I love him.


It was one of the most wonderful times of my life.

The period of time between June 23 and August 23 truly was one of the most wonderful times of my life. Going to the Del Close Marathon was simply amazing. I really enjoyed working with my One Group Mind Team. I spent all my time finishing up that musical and I started blogging as well. Ahh, for someone with all my health concerns I was pretty happy. I even put off looking for a job because I was so sure this was it. The creative fire that was lighting up inside me was blazing.

I think life is more about outlook. It doesn’t matter what is actually going on in your present life, it’s all about how you see the future. I saw the future so clearly. Everything was working out so well for me. I was living in a dream. It was different than before. This time, it was so real. I had a lot more close friends. It’s really the difference between going your course out of a hunch you had and having events unfold right in front of your eyes.

Even though I was so happy, my real world was coming to pieces. I had pretty much lost all of my family. By that I mean everyone. It’s really just me, my husband and Joren now. I lost a good chunk of my family after I offended my step-mother years ago and after I offended my aunt last February I lost pretty much everyone else.

My husband offended most of the people he knew moment he decided to marry me. From his family that did support the marriage, there was a fallout. I don’t think it’s directed at me personally, but they completely shut down. They are distant.

Now most stay-at-home mom’s stay sane because they are close to their families, and I simply don’t have any family. And, I have chronic health issues. I have nothing.

None of that mattered though. It all made sense in my mind. I think I was the happiest that I had ever been in my entire life. That’s because I had figured everything out. Even when I was happy before there was still something missing because I had not quite figured everything out. I knew where I was going. I knew whom I was. I was so happy.

It was all because of Dave.

I could just walk through the streets and happiness just radiated from my step. I know my teammates and my friends from piano lessons picked up on it. Dave picked up on it.

There was just so much going on for me not to believe. I really believed. I really did. I believed so much that I was ready to just hand this musical over. How could it not be real? It has to be real. He picked up on it, and then he was kind of acting the same way. He was so happy. We were both so incredibly happy!

But it wasn’t real.

And then it got worse.

And then it got much worse than that.

And then it got much worse than even that.

Can things possibly even get any worse than they already are?

I went from living in a dream to living in my worst nightmare. It all went down in a time span of about 5 weeks. Then it was all over. Just one month goes by, and then your life is altered forever. Time to face reality. Time to face everything you were ignoring.

My world view was completely shattered into pieces. He didn’t even want to read it. It was the worst possible case scenario. He cleared that up later, but that wasn’t his initial reaction. I am an Empath, there are some things I just know. Everything just came tumbling down like a big Earthquake. Then after that, even more had to tumble down. It just keeps tumbling down. It won’t stop. As soon as it stops there is some more. More is coming down. It’s raining bricks in here. It simply won’t stop.

Is it finally going to end now? Is this earthquake finally going to stop?

It’s not just two Earthquakes like in the dream I posted. It’s non-stop Earthquakes that just keep coming and coming.

I want to go back to living in that dream. It was a dream where everything was going to be OK. It was a dream where God was actually looking out for me, and dreams never die. Things were actually going good for me. Things were going to be OK for everyone. It’s working out now.

Why can’t things go back to being OK? Why was it open season on Lorraine? I’m so sorry for thinking that this could all be true. I don’t mean the musical itself, but just the fact that I wrote one. That was real. I wrote that, and I wrote so many beautiful songs. I also improvised songs that people liked listening too. It was a slice of beautiful. It really was. You dream about things being more complex than they really are, but they really are incredibly simple. It’s as simple as sitting in someone’s living room making up songs. It’s so simple, but so beautiful at the same time. It’s so amazing a concept so simple could be so beautiful. I am sorry my optimism was so offensive. I am so sorry. The proof is in the writing. How can you not believe that? I believed it. It’s real. It was all so real. How can you not believe in the beauty of two jaded old souls believing so strongly? How can you not believe in the fire igniting? How could you not hear it? I mean, literally hear it? It comes across in his playing. It was all so beautiful. When he puts his heart in it, it’s transcendental. Absolutely transcendental. It was like a ricochet of optimism that kept bouncing off walls and it improved everyone’s life.

concerns, concerns, concerns. if my only real concern was falling in love, then I think my life was incredibly care free. not like this life at all. this life is horrible. thanks a lot. you are like Gregers in “the wild duck“. fuck you. fuck all of you. let me have my fucking delusions. my delusions were helping you, and me. if you like that feeling of shit hitting the fan, then go ahead. go ahead. that’s what truth feels like. relish in your truth. look at your truth! look at him! look at me! you did this! this is your fucking truth. deal with it.

In reality, there really isn’t much for me to look forward to. It’s really the end of the rail. End of the line.

For two months, I was living in a delusional reality and it was absolutely fantastic. Then for two months, I have been living in absolute despair. Why can’t I have my “invention”? Why can’t people humor me? Why do young people only get to be humored?

At least read it. My husband did. He loved it. It turned around his entire life.

Everything made sense. I so wish he would have given me the opportunity to convince him of it. I am sure if he would have let me he would have agreed. This is true. He would have agreed 100%. I think he would have bought because I bought it, and if he bought it you would have all been so happy. We all would have been so happy. Your shows would have sounded so beautiful. I wrote a musical about believing in tomorrow.


Reincarnation IS in the bible

I didn’t really want to get into this. I never wanted to have a religious argument. I didn’t want to open up a can of worms. I do know from meeting with other Christian Psychics that reincarnation is something we are all aware of. It’s because of our talents that we know this. We just all accept it. We may not advertise it to most other Christians but when we talk to each other we are very open about it.

I don’t know if they personally have any internal conflicts trying to reconcile this concept with their faith, but I don’t. When I was improvising pretty much every single day in 2009, my third eye started to open up. I started to see my own past lives as well as the past lives of others. Fortunately, I had a Christian Psychic friend that helped me through this transition. However, my gifts for seeing past lives were a lot more developed than hers. For me, it was like an entire movie. I wish I had been more accepting of my talents because I could have used this for inspiration to write historical novels.

Before my third eye opened up, I still was able to see past life visions but they were really quick. They were a few seconds at the most. That still happens. I have to develop a really close connection with someone to see their past life stories in graphic detail. However, when I have conversations with people from time to time I do get snippets of their past lives. I don’t tell them of course, not unless I get permission to. When someone asks me for a reading they are giving me permission. Otherwise, I just keep what I see to myself. I just assume it’s information for me. It lets me know if I can trust them or not.

I know that it is very hard to reconcile this concept with Christianity in it’s current form. This is not discussed in any modern theology, but I did not just thump the bible. I studied all the religions in college. I studied Buddhism and other religions where the idea of reincarnation is accepted.

You would be surprised about how similar these religions are to Christianity. As far as the way things really are; it’s a combination of Judaism, Catholicism, Lutheranism, Calvinism, and Buddhism. On the flip side, perhaps Mormonism and the Illuminati. Those are Lucifarian religions that are masked as Christianity. It’s all true, but they are much different camps of thought. For the purpose of this essay, we will focus on the camps of thought that results in salvation. Illuminate type religions don’t.

The problem with Catholicism is in how they perceive Jesus Christ. There wasn’t always this problem though. When Rome took over the church they changed some things around. One of the main things that they changed around is the idea of reincarnation. Jesus says over and over again that he will save you, and that you will be born again in the flesh. Early Gnostic Christians took this statement quite literally and that’s why they were so willing to sacrifice their lives. Early Christians were fed to wild beasts to entertain Romans. This really happened. It was brutal. So of course when Rome took over the church they couldn’t have any of that. You can’t have a society of people not afraid of death. There is no control there. So they changed things around a bit. It’s not like it’s in some hidden scripture. It’s the same exact scripture. Perhaps priests knew, but the population didn’t. As long as they were getting out the message, it didn’t really matter. They were still saved.

I had a friend Nick who is the most flaming gay man I ever met. While talking to him, I got snippets of his past lives. The one that intrigued me the most was when he was in a Roman colosseum and he was about to be eaten. I did have a chance to see one of these colosseums when I went to Spain. He gave his life for Christ, and that’s why he’s here today. Obviously, Christ does not hate him. However, present day Christians do a very good job of making him believe that. Many of the first Christians were gay because Rome was a very gay culture. Ancient cultures typically were. I never told him about the vision, but it has really helped me reconcile my own beliefs and how I see the world. This vision challenged my perceptions of reality; which has since been reconciled.

The world used to be a lot better for gay people than it is today. Traditionally, only the act of sodomy forced on a man and the act of marital union outside of a marital union (penis in the vagina) was considered sinful. Any form of rape is sinful, whether it’s forced on a man or a woman. Outside of that box, pretty much anything else goes even if technically on paper it didn’t. It’s not something people ever talked about.

People used to be a lot more physically affectionate than they are today. People really didn’t talk a lot about sex. That’s not something polite people discussed. In today’s world, since people talk about sex so much and view pornography the definition of what is actually sex has expanded exponentially. This has vastly restricted the amount of physical affection people are allowed to show each other. Everything is sexualized now.

You can’t even hold each other without it being sexualized. Unless you are in a romantic relationship with someone; it’s only brief hugs and high fives.

Now I need to make myself clear, because Satan also uses physical expression as a tool to destroy people on the inside. I don’t want any perverts reading my blog and using what I wrote as an excuse to morally justify their actions. That is always a mortal sin. That is not an act of love. This is not permitted in the bible. The bible is very much against it. In fact, God destroyed two cities because of it. However, when people are not able to express love naturally they tend to fall in unnatural means of expression. They fall to the devil. They start committing moral sins. That might explain the rise of Priests abusing children in the modern age. They are forbidden against expressing any kind of love at all. They turn bad. Those kinds of acts are always demonically inspired. This is not a part of Christianity. It’s demonic. There is no grey area concerning that, God has already made himself very clear.

In today’s world, anything that results in an orgasm is considered sex. Almost every other kind of affection is considered sexual. That wasn’t always true. “Happy endings” were allowed. There is even a scene in Hamlet where Ophelia gives Hamlet a “Happy Ending”, which in turn makes Polonius really excited. Of course no teacher would have go into the context of that scene in a High School classroom, but it’s very obvious as to what is happening. The mere touch of her hand gives Hamlet a “happy ending“, which means that Hamlet must find Ophelia to be really attractive. When her father hears about what happened, he’s like the happiest man ever. He clearly doesn’t think his daughter was used, raped, or dishonored by his King in any way. “Happy Endings” are allowed, even encouraged. In another scene, Hamlet asks to return the favor. He asks if Ophelia if could lie on her lap, she says no (sex). Then he asks if he could just lie his head in her lap, and she agrees to that. Hmm.

In Victorian times, a common cure for hysteria was for husbands to take their wives to a doctor where he or a midwife would manually stimulate her to achieve an orgasm. That solved the problem. It was a common practice. Happy endings were allowed for happily married Christian women seeking relief from hysteria. It was the cure. It was not considered sex. In this text the treatment is even recommended for the religious, widows, and women who live chaste lives.

Gay marriage is a hot topic today, but in reality gay marriage was always allowed in the Church. It was even encouraged. It’s considered a vocation. Gay people were considered to be God’s chosen ones. Families thought this was a sign that they should do God’s work. Gay people were elevated in society. Of course this was before all types of affection became sexualized. They could openly express affection to the people they loved. Women went to convents and men went to monasteries. They had a ceremony where they marry God, and now this was their new vocation. It was like a marriage. It was marriage.

I see glimpses into past lives of most of the gay people I meet, and I feel so bad for them. They are forced to live in a world without love. They are forbidden from expressing their love to anyone. They are denied Christ. They are not allowed to form permanent bonds with each other. They are rejected from Churches. Perhaps in the modern world we are living in is a little extreme about what the definition of sex is. Even if the affection doesn’t end up with a happy ending, it’s still sexulized. Culture is all that has changed. Humanity hasn’t changed. The basic needs of humans to express their love and emotions towards each other has not changed. People should be allowed to express affection towards each other, and traditionally they were. The definition of what the marital act is was very specific. The definition of rape through sodomy was very specific. Rape is specific.

We live in a world where so many gay people who were so loved by God in their past lives are not allowed to follow their true destiny unless they are willing to give up expressing any kind of love or affection at all. Perhaps we as a culture have become so completely sick and twisted regarding basic human affection and we need to lighten up a little bit. Love is allowed in the Christianity. Expressing that love is allowed. People have been traditionally encouraged to love each other. Love is a gift. Human beings desire love. It is the nature of humanity. Sometimes that love ends up in happy endings, but not always. Sometimes it’s just affection and there is nothing sexual about it at all, but it’s still sexualized.

I thought I would also briefly talk about the topic of abortion. Did you know that until the “quickening”, that abortion was traditionally allowed in Christianity? The “quickening” is when the baby starts to move. It happens around 17 weeks. Until then, the baby wasn’t really considered to be alive. Of course this was before science. However, I don’t think religious people should be allowed to decide when they are going to use science and when they are going to reject science. It’s one or the other. Are you using science or theology? Make up your mind. In the theology, the baby is not really alive until the quickening.

Some people think that this should be all God’s decision and not the woman’s decision at all, and sometimes God makes that decision. Miscarriages prior to 17 weeks are fairly common. God makes that decision literally ALL THE TIME. It’s even recommended that mothers not tell anyone they are pregnant until 17 weeks because the possibility of a miscarriage is so high. Why? Why is it so high? Perhaps this is because this is the window of opportunity where God makes these kinds of decisions. Miscarriage after the quickening is very rare. It rarely ever happens. There is a reason for these rules.

Having sex is a choice we all make, but sometimes it’s not meant to be for this child to be born at this time to this particular family in this particular timeline. That’s when God decides to step in. God knows. God ends it. However, since the choice to have sex in the first place is a choice that we all make I think the woman should also have a say in the decision during the window of opportunity. Immaculate conceptions are not common. There is always choice involved. If there is a baby, it’s because two people chose to have sex. Sometimes, it’s not really a choice. Sometimes the devil is trying to screw up your life and destroy your destiny. Only she really knows if this is a good time or not. God makes this decision all the time, so I think women should be able to make this decision as well. If the theology says it’s the quickening, then the quickening it is. Why change it?

As far as the baby is concerned, the baby will just be born to someone else. If it were a huge problem, then miscarriages would not be so frequent. God will take care of it. If it is not meant to be, then it’s not meant to be. Don’t worry. Your child will be born to another family. God will take care of it. When it’s meant to be it will happen.

So I do think women should have some say in the decision up to a certain point, and theology has established that already. I do know that Satan often uses sex as a means to trap women and force them off course. Satan does this all the time. Satan uses sex to destroy the lives of women. I am a rape victim myself. Some men actually rape women with the intent of getting them pregnant, so they will be forced to be a permanent fixture in her life. Then she is mentally abused and harassed by her rapist her entire life. Sex is one of the biggest tools Satan uses to destroy the destinies for both women and men. If you in your heart know this is all wrong, then the woman should also have that choice during the same window of opportunity that God typically makes that choice.

However if the pregnancy sticks past 17 weeks and the baby is healthy and growing, then there is probably a reason for it. God obviously has a plan for this child and he wants this child to be born. He has given the go ahead. You left that choice up to him and he made that choice. I don’t think we should mess with God’s decision. This is challenging the plans of the Universe. It is a mortal sin. Abortions screw up timelines. I once met a destiny friend who was much younger than me. The reason he was so much younger than me is because he was aborted, I was able to “see” that. Of course I didn’t tell him. That was information was just for me. Even if he asked for me a reading I wouldn’t tell him that.

Since abortions have been allowed, there can be huge age gaps between destiny friends. There is a possibility that you are doing everything right, but your destiny friend just isn’t there because they were not born in the correct timeline. Things are now slightly off.

You can seriously screw up God’s plans by having abortions. There is a reason why this child has to be born in that particular year. Go ahead and carry that child to term. If you can’t care for it, then give the child up for adoption. You don’t want to be responsible for screwing up God’s plan. You missed your window of opportunity, so deal with it. This child is alive now and deserves to be born. The child has a plan. This child deserves to have a family. Since this is God’s child, have some trust God to take care of things. He will. God will love you and reward you many times over for going along with his plan for this child.

This is where the concept of the immortal soul comes from. At the end of the day, genetics don’t matter. It’s the soul that matters. We need to accept this child is here for a reason.

I also have some personal experience with this. God took care of me. While trying to conceive my son, I conceived a few times. You know when conception happens. Your internal chemistry is all screwed up. However, none of those stuck. It wasn’t a miscarriage persay, I just had a regular period. It was a little late. Then I found out my husband neglected to add me to his insurance policy. When it was the right time, I carried my baby to full term. I got pregnant the very day that I was added to the policy. June 1, 2014. I can guarantee that he is the son I had visions about. This also happened one time after my son was born. The condom broke and my chemistry was all wonky. It actually led to a fall out with my aunt, because I couldn’t tell her why I was so sick. God took care of me and nothing implanted, even though conception had clearly happened. It was not the right time to have another child.

My point is that God makes these kind of decisions ALL THE TIME. Your body isn’t some sort of machine. You need a blessing from God to move forward. You decide if you have sex, but God decides if it is the right time to have a child. If God can make these kinds of decisions in the weeks before the quickening, then why can’t women? In a way, it’s a self-induced miscarriage. If God allows Satan to screw with our lives by using sex as a weapon, then it’s only fair to provide a way out of it. It’s never really the right thing to do, but then again neither is the moral sin that got you into that position in the first place.

Satan preys on the innocent, people with depression problems, and misguided people. God allows this to happen, so God must also provide a way out. That’s why theology says it’s the quickening. The question is, “Is this God’s plan?” or did Satan trick you into having sex at an inappropriate time with an inappropriate person? Who’s plan is it?

That being said, I am getting visions of a child again. So if I have another child it is God’s plan. This is being reinforced by several people. One of my teammates even went up to me and said, “By this time next year your going to have a baby.” That’s a strange thing to say.

I just had my yearly, and I was considering getting an IUD. However, my doctor said I couldn’t get one until I got my diabetes under control. I have had the flu all week so I didn’t feel like protesting his advice. I didn’t think being sick was a valid reason to avoid seeing a doctor, so I went anyway. Prior to him coming in, the nurse was going on and on about how I should have another child. When I connected to my angels they assured me that the pregnancy will be easy and I won’t have any problems giving birth. Those are my main concerns. I may need a little more convincing.

There were complications with Joren and the birth was horrible on me. I was in labor for 38 hours and then I had a c-section. I never want to go through that experience again. I was sick during the whole pregnancy. I just spent hours laying in bed. My health was all screwed up. I am still not very healthy.

I am even having dreams about babies. In the dream I posted in this blog; that one was a boy. The visions all have a girl though. She has dark curly brown hair and eyes. Her name is Angela. Angela is a brilliant young lady. Her purpose is to help Joren on his path. She is very artsy and has her own sense of style. She has a beautiful singing voice. She really loves her grandma, and they become very close. She is a straight A student.

I don’t know. Should I take a leap of faith? Should I try to have a baby? Now? I am not usually one to get in the way with God’s plans, but this is quite an undertaking. I don’t really know if I am ready for all of that again. It’s hard enough taking care of one child. We are so all alone, and there is no one here to help us.

But I think having a sister would be very good for Joren, and I should probably just go with it. What do you think? Should I just go with it? I still don’t know. I am on the fence. In the end, the choice is mine. I am just saying that I don’t think birth control is evil either because God will let you know when the time is right. There is no need to go through false pregnancies over and over again until the time is actually right. Protect yourselves!

So abortion is a mortal sin if the baby is indeed God’s plan and the abortion takes place after the quickening. A mortal sin is an action that screws up God’s plan. If the baby is a part of God’s plan, then you need to go ahead and have that baby. If you cannot care for the baby yourself, then find someone to adopt your baby.

But this saving of embryos epidemic is very wrong. Ironically, the majority of people doing this are Christians. They are Christians desperate for children.

These embryos are quite literally souls held hostage. They are not dead or alive. They are just saved. This takes that decision away from God. God will intervene if the problem escalates. He will wipe out those companies. We do not have the right to hold souls hostage like that. Souls are immortal and they come from God.

It’s funny that the same people that are so against any form of abortion or birth control are all for holding souls hostage if it suits their needs. Life is not meant to be something we have control of. At least in the terms of an abortion or miscarriage, that soul is free to be born again elsewhere. It will be OK. Death is natural.

Of course most Christians do not believe in reincarnation, so they don’t think they are doing anything wrong. What do you think Jesus Christ is for? Why would he explicitly say such things unless it is true? Why would he say it over and over again? Why do you take the bible literally in every other matter, but not when it comes to the most important matter? Jesus is not speaking metaphorically. Jesus can’t save the souls of embryos held hostage. Jesus cannot reincarnate them. If you don’t plan to have those babies, then you need to destroy those embryos. Don’t save them forever whatever time is convenient for you.

As far as late-term abortions due to perceived development issues I have a lot of mixed feelings about that. I think that the reason why parents choose late-term abortion is because they fear the child might not die right away. They don’t want to watch the child suffer. Killing the child is only legal if they are still in the womb.

If this is such an issue, then why not legalize euthanasia? What’s the difference? I think in some states it is legal. Let that child be born and breath air. Let that child see your face. Let that child be hugged by their family. Let that child feel your heartbeat. They deserve this. They need to feel loved.

If you are sure that the child will die, then why not just give birth to the child? It’s the same exact process. All late-term abortions involve labor. You don’t need to carry the child to term. You can induce labor early. The only difference is the child is born alive and not dead. Why not give birth to the child and allow them to see your face? Why is it necessary to kill the child first? This is a child, not a pet. You don’t put babies to sleep to end their pain, and if that’s all that’s bothering you their pain can be alleviated.

It may be painful to watch a baby to live for just a few hours, days, or months. Death is also pretty painful. It’s the worst kind of pain that there is. Death without being given the chance to be loved by your mother is even more painful than that. Death without being allowed to take a breath and see light is more painful than that. There is a reason why this baby wasn’t miscarried. This baby has a purpose. Why not just trust? There is a lack of trust, and that’s the real issue. People don’t trust God. Have some trust in God.

I know that people seek to avoid pain, but sometimes pain is a good thing. In the medieval world, the most feared thing was a death without pain or warning. There is a play called Everyman that touches on this aspect. If you know you are going to go, then you want to be able to take care of loose ends. You can ask God for forgiveness. You can make things right with the world. You can make things right with yourself. People who die without pain or warning are not even aware that they are dead and they are trapped between worlds. They are very confused. They tend to be a little bitter at God. Your baby will not receive salvation. Don’t you want your baby to be saved?

As a psychic medium, I see it all the time. Their death happened so quickly and painlessly that they didn’t even realize it. They don’t find the light. They don’t search for Jesus Christ. The only way they can get to the light is if a Christian Psychic Medium opens a connection to source and summons Jesus Christ for them. And yes, sadly I have run into infant souls as well. They are the most confused. They are the hardest to cross over.

God wants your baby to live simply so that your baby knows that he or she has died. God wants you to baptize that baby. Not every soul is a “born again”. We do not all have past lives. Many times, they are brand new souls. Perhaps this is a new soul that needs to be saved, and that’s why you didn’t have a miscarriage. Born agains just go straight back to the light. You don’t know this. No one knows this but God.

If you want your baby to have a second chance at life, then you need to have that baby born alive and baptize that baby. If the fear of your baby living for days or months in pain scares you, then change the laws or trust that there is a reason for it. The only reason people consider doing such a thing is because it’s only legal if the baby hasn’t been officially born. Do what is right with your conscience, not the law. Follow the laws of God not man.

For those that just can’t take my word for it, I did a quick google search and pasted several references below.

Article “What does the Bible say about abortion?”

John 3:16

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.

Romans 6:4

Therefore we have been buried with Him through baptism into death, so that as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, so we too might walk in newness of life.

Colossians 2:12

having been buried with Him in baptism, in which you were also raised up with Him through faith in the working of God, who raised Him from the dead.

John 1:13

who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God.

John 3:3

Jesus answered and said to him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

Romans 10:9

that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved;

First Peter 1:2-4 “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, to an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading, kept in heaven for you.”

Romans 6:3

Romans 6:3-4: “Are you unaware that we who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death?  We were indeed buried with Him through baptism into death, so that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might live in newness of life.”

Romans 6:23

For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord

Romans 10:9-10

that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved; for with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation.

The following is excerpts from this website: Reluctant Messenger

Jeremiah 1:4 Then the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, 5 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. God knew Jeremiah before he was even formed in the womb. This is plain biblical speech of an individual existing before birth.

Job 1:20-21

Then Job arose and tore his robe and shaved his head and he fell to the ground and worshipped. And he said, “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I shall return there. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.” Job says here that he will return to be born again in a womb indicating that he expects to reincarnate.

“Generations come and generations go, but the earth remains forever. The sun rises and the sun sets, and hurries back to where it rises. The wind blows to the south and turns to the north; round and round it goes, ever returning on its course. All streams flow into the sea, yet the sea is never full. To the place the streams come from, there they return again…What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” (Ecclesiastes 1:4-9)

The Hebrew kabbalists interpreted this quote to mean that a generation dies and subsequently returns by the process of reincarnation.

“And the disciples asked him, saying, ‘Why then do the scribes say that Elijah must come first?’ But he answered them and said, ‘Elijah indeed is to come and will restore all things. But I say to you that Elijah has come already, and they did not know him, but did to him whatever they wished. So also shall the Son of Man suffer at their hand.’ Then the disciples understood that he had spoken of John the Baptist.” (Matthew 17:10-13)

“No one who has left home or brothers or sisters or mother or father or wife or children or land for me and the gospel will fail to receive a hundred times as much in this present age – homes, brothers, sisters, mothers, children and fields … and in the age to come, eternal life.” (Mark 10:29-30) Christ knew that his disciples would reincarnate more than once and that because of the sacrifice made for him, their subsequent lives would be repayment for what they lost.

Matt 24:34 I tell you the truth, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened. NIV The only way this verse can be true is if the disciples and others alive at that time of Jesus are reincarnated just before his return. Otherwise he is a liar.

THE FIFTH ECUMENICAL COUNCIL THE SECOND COUNCIL OF CONSTANTINOPLE A.D. 553 IF anyone asserts the fabulous pre-existence of souls, and shall assert the monstrous restoration which follows from it: let him be anathema. I also would like to point out that the Catholic Church outlawed and put to death those that preached reincarnation.

Excerpt below taken from: http://reluctant-messenger.com/reincarnation-gnostic.htm

Revelation 12
The Woman and the Dragon

1 A great and wondrous sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. 2 She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. 3 Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on his heads. 4 His tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth. The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that he might devour her child the moment it was born. 5 She gave birth to a son, a male child, who will rule all the nations with an iron scepter. And her child was snatched up to God and to his throne. 6 The woman fled into the desert to a place prepared for her by God, where she might be taken care of for 1,260 days.

Revelation 13

5 The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise his authority for forty-two months (1,260 days). 6 He opened his mouth to blaspheme God, and to slander his name and his dwelling place and those who live in heaven. 7 He was given power to make war against the saints and to conquer them. And he was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation. NIV

One of the overlooked facts of history is that the believers killed and subsequently wiped out by the Roman Catholic Church were THE GNOSTICS AND OTHER CHRISTIANS who believed in reincarnation. It isn’t a coincidence that the century that saw the abolition of the Gnostics and other Christians who believed in reincarnation is the same century that the Roman Emperor Justinian (545 A.D) made it punishable by death to believe in reincarnation. The prophecied 1,260 years began in 538 A.D. and the elimination of reincarnation as a tenet of Christina Theology was in full force only seven years later. See Pope Arrested for Believing in Reincarnation. The universal assumption of Christians today is that the Gnostics were heretics who deserved to be wiped out. However, if Christ prophecied through the apostle John that the true Christians would be killed and that a false church would replace them, then IT IS THE BELIEFS OF THE ONES KILLED THAT REPRESENTS THE TRUE TEACHINGS OF CHRIST, NOT THE TEACHINGS OF THE ONES THAT SURVIVED!!

The Apostolic Constitutions (circa 380 CE) allowed abortion if it was done early enough in pregnancy. But it condemned abortion if the fetus was of human shape. “Thou shalt not slay the child by causing abortion, nor kill that which is begotten. For everything that is shaped, and his received a soul from God, if slain, it shall be avenged, as being unjustly destroyed.” 7:3:15 This document claimed to have been written by the apostles. However, it was actually written late in the 4th century CE at about the time that Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire and serious oppression of Paganism started.  http://www.religioustolerance.org/abo_hist.htm

St. Augustine (354-430 CE) reversed centuries of Christian teaching in Western Europe, by returning to the Aristotelian Pagan concept of “delayed ensoulment.” He wrote 7 that a human soul cannot live in an unformed body. Thus, early in pregnancy, an abortion is not murder because no soul is destroyed (or, more accurately, only a vegetable or animal soul is terminated). He wrote extensively on sexual matters, teaching that the original sin of Adam and Eve are passed to each successive generation through the pleasure generated during sexual intercourse. This passed into the church’s canon law. Only abortion of a more fully developed “fetus animatus” (animated fetus) was punished as murder.

Pope Innocent III (circa 1161-1216):

bullet He wrote a letter which ruled on a case of a Carthusian monk who had arranged for his female lover to obtain an abortion. The Pope decided that the monk was not guilty of homicide if the fetus was not “animated.”
bullet Early in the 13th century he stated that the soul enters the body of the fetus at the time of “quickening” – when the woman first feels movement of the fetus. After ensoulment, abortion was equated with murder; before that time, it was a less serious sin, because it terminated only potential human life, not human life.

St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) also considered only the abortion of an “animated” fetus as murder.

Pope Sixtus V (1471-1484) issued a Papal bull “Effraenatam” in 1588 which threatened those who carried out abortions at any stage of gestation with excommunication and the death penalty.

Pope Gregory XIV (1535-1591) revoked the Papal bull shortly after taking office in 1591. He reinstated the “quickening” test, which he determined happened 116 days (about 17 weeks) into pregnancy.

St. Jerome (circa 340 – 420) wrote in a letter to Aglasia:

The seed gradually takes shape in the uterus, and it [abortion] does not count as killing until the individual elements have acquired their external appearance and their limbs

For centuries the quickening also had important legal ramifications. British common law, eventually imported to Colonial America, outlawed abortion only if it took place after the quickening. Likewise, a pregnant woman could not be executed post-quickening. The English jurist William Blackstone wrote in 1770, “To be saved from the gallows a woman must be quick with child—for barely with child, unless he be alive in the womb, is not sufficient.” In other words, a fetus whose movements could not yet be detected was not yet fully alive. An 1812 Massachusetts court case, Commonwealth v. Bangs, confirmed that pre-quickening abortions “would remain beyond the scope of the law.” Even though states began to pass criminal abortion statutes in the 1820s, courts before 1850 rarely heard cases involving pre-quickening abortion.

Over the course of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the quickening lost its prominence as a legal and moral distinction. In 1857 the American Medical Association lamented the “belief, even among mothers themselves, that the foetus is not alive till after the period of quickening.” The Catholic Church, which had long treated pre-quickening abortion as the destruction of only potential human life, finally forbade abortion at any stage in 1869. In Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court divided pregnancy into trimesters and discussed the quickening as a relic. Today state laws on abortion refer either to viability outside the womb or to a set number of weeks. …

– See more at: http://historynewsnetwork.org/article/159594#sthash.THMPZPa1.dpufWi

Wikipedia Article on history of abortion: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Christian_thought_on_abortion

While the Hebrew text of the Bible only required a fine for the loss of a fetus, whatever its stage of development, the Jewish Septuagint translation, which the early Christians used, introduced a distinction between a formed and an unformed fetus and treated destruction of the former as murder.[24] It has been commented that “the LXX could easily have been used to distinguish human from non-human fetuses and homicidal from non-homicidal abortions, yet the early Christians, until the time of Augustine in the fifth century, did not do so

And if men struggle with each other and strike a woman with child so that she has a miscarriage, yet there is no further injury, he shall surely be fined as the woman’s husband may demand of him; and he shall pay as the judges decide. “But if there is any further injury, then you shall appoint as a penalty life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, (NAS, Exodus 21:22-24)



Prior to 1973, abortion was legal in some of the 50 states of the U.S., usually with restrictions. In 1973, the United States Supreme Court, in its Roe v. Wade decision, ruled that a woman has a right to an abortion during the first trimester of pregnancy. However, the states are still allowed to regulate abortion during the second trimester and prohibit it during the third trimester2. Since that time, abortion has become one of the most controversial and divisive issues within society.

The Pro-life Position

Pro-life activists represent one extreme of opinion. They believe life begins at the instant of conception. Therefore, abortion is murder and is prohibited by the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:13). They strongly support laws banning all or almost all abortions.

However, the belief that life begins at conception does not have clear support from medical science, the Bible, religious tradition or legal tradition. Some early Church fathers (e.g., Tertullian) wrote against abortion, and it has been considered sinful throughout Church history. However, early Christians apparently did not view abortion as murder until well beyond conception. In the thirteenth century, Catholic theologian Thomas Aquinas wrote that a soul enters the body at 40 days after conception for males and 80 days for females. That became church doctrine for many centuries, and abortion before that time of ensoulment was not considered a mortal sin. The belief that life begins at conception apparently has its origins in an 1869 decree by Pope Pius IX that abortion at any point in pregnancy was cause for excommunication.3,4

English common law apparently tolerated abortion until “quickening,” the first detectable fetal movements, around the fifth month. Similarly, abortion was largely unregulated in the U.S. until the mid 1800s. Laws against abortion were passed around 1900, but the primary reasons had to do with the injuries and deaths resulting from unskilled abortions and a struggle between opposing factions for control of medical practice.5

Wikipedia Article on the Topic of Ensoulment

Take care of your own yard first.

So it’s a week after the elections and my FB Friends are still at it. They are still protesting. They still feel utterly betrayed by the world.

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I usually keep out of this but this time I simply can’t.

I am not a Hillary supporter or a Trump supporter. I have not been political at all this election season. But I am not an independent, I am a Libertarian. In past political seasons I have been very outspoken, but not this one. I simply cast my vote on election day and that’s all I did. I have been anti-political. I almost didn’t vote at all.

I understand these feelings. I am a woman myself. I am a victim of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape. All of the above. Natural red heads tend to be a target. Trump was exposed for making crude remarks about women and he gets elected anyway. It burns. I know about the 13 year old rape allegations, but those were false. She said she did this because she didn’t want Trump to be president.

Neither Julian Assange or Alex Jones could find anything to substantiate these claims, and they are both quite good at what they do. If there was any proof at all out there, I am sure they would have found it even though Alex Jones has been clearly pro-Trump.

I lived in Austin for quite some time, I don’t know Alex Jones that well but I do know him. I was a producer at that same public access station. Yes, when it comes to things like this I do trust him. Sometimes he’s a provocateur, but exposing whole pedophilia ring is why he got into this in the first place with Mike, and I know Mike very well.

Alex Jones using Lord of the Ring’s Goblin analogy to explain how he views Trump. He better not catch Trump in bed with any Goblins!

The above turned into an autotune. Hilarious.

I am sure MSM would have found some more evidence, but they didn’t. All they found was the recording of him making crude comments about women. It’s hard to know all the facts without a trial, but as far as the court of public opinion goes this story lacks evidence. Trump has always been a public figure. There must be some more evidence. There is more evidence of him using his power to be kind of a jerk to women because he knew he could get away with it. I am not promoting that at all. I am against that. Even though they didn’t like it or ask for it, at the end of the day no one stood up for themselves.

However, there is plenty of physical evidence linking Hillary to the Jeffery Epstein pedophile ring directly and through her campaign manager Podesta, and no one seems to give a shit about that. As secretary of state, it was her job to prosecute those kinds of things. The children being used for these events are trafficked from other countries. Did she prosecute him? No, but she did leak the e-mails. I have a theory I explained in the other blog I wrote about this election, I think she did it on purpose. Hillary doesn’t make mistakes like that. She is very smart.

I am no a supporter of Trump, but there is simply no evidence linking him to the pedophilia incident or similar ones. Even with internet sleuths researching him all night and day, there is still simply no evidence. I am sure they would have found something. I am sure they were looking very hard. The Democrats should have found something. They didn’t. Those former Occupy people are damn good at what they do. So I think we are safe. We don’t have a pedophile in the White House.

However, we do have a man that knows because of his position in society that he can get away with things that other men can’t get away with. He even flaunts it. But he seems to know the line and he doesn’t cross it. In the Chicago theater world, there are a lot of men like this. They get away with it. Everyone let’s them do it. They even love them for it.

What upsets me the most is that I watched someone that I considered a friend of mine become this kind of man, but much worse. Donald Trump has a line, and unfortunately this friend of mine does not. He has no line. He considers himself to be special, and special people don’t have lines. Even if there was a “ghost” manipulating the situation, there is absolutely no excuse. Donald Trump never did the things he did. I don’t personally know anyone who did the things he did. There is no one to compare him to.

The really strange paradox of the whole situation is that people now love him more than ever. They love him a lot more than they did before. They used to poke fun of him. I am literally the only person who seems to have a problem. I am the only person disgusted by his behavior. I am so disgusted by him that I can’t even be in his presence.

The same people marching in Anti-Trump ralleys right now are the same exact people perpetuating this situation. They are lining up. They are literally begging to become next. It’s some kind of warped contest. Everyone else is cheering on the situation. This is what I see with my eyes. These are the things that are really hard to say. I was not eligible to become a contestant in this game show, and that’s why I didn’t play. Now, I will pay.

It’s not that I didn’t care about him. I care about him very much. I just can’t play those kinds of games. I am not eligible to play. Now I will pay.

I guess if people really like what they see on the outside they don’t give a shit about what is going on in the inside. They can be a lot more forgiving. This parodox is against everything I stand for, and it doesn’t matter because no one really cares about what I stand for except when it comes to the terms of the election results. That’s very clear. I am so broken hearted in so many ways. The man who inspired me to write such beautiful things actually is the man that I am lashing out against. It makes me feel sick on the inside. He really is not my poster boy. It’s all fiction. I feel deceived.

I can feel what I feel and no one cares. I am not cool or popular. I am not allowed to have an opinion. I don’t see how someone can literally turn into someone the symbol that he absolutely hated with such a passion, and then everyone loves him for it. It seems like such a sell out. I don’t see how he could possibly be OK with himself. My decision to leave him alone is the best decision I made, because at least he seems very happy. At least he doesn’t have to worry about me silently judging him anymore. He is free.

He brought me into his circle of friendship because I seemed genuine, and that doesn’t change all because he stops being genuine. My positive affirmation is genuine, and my negative critique is just as genuine. He has crossed over. He is now a Charley Sheen. He is that Dad from American Beauty. He is Donald Trump, but much worse.

Donald Trump never treats people he cares about that way. If a woman can be an asset to his business, he’s very respectful. Trump doesn’t sexually harass her and make her play a bunch a games. He arranges a meeting with her. He respects the women he works with.

This friend has reached that pinnacle of white male privilege to where he can get away with the kind of behavior that Trump has come to symbolize, and we all congratulate him for it. We chalk it all up to a mid-life crises and then we feel sorry for him. He has something we want or something we need, so we all just choose to look the other way and humor his ego. That’s how he gets away with it. I really wish I could do that too, but I can’t. It’s too hard. The best thing I can do is simply stay away.

Well, he doesn’t have anything that I need or want, not anymore. There is nothing he can possibly do to help me, not now.  He has completely shattered my perceptions. My perceptions of him cannot be repaired. I have nothing to lose. I really didn’t have anything in the first place.

Why is Trump your boogey man? How did he become your poster boy? Going downtown to scream at Trump will do nothing to change things back at home. It will not help you clean up your own backyard. Do you think 100’s of women make things up? There must be a problem in Chicago Theater. How does this keep happening? It keeps happening because of you. Yes YOU. You personally propagate this situation.

It’s because men can rise to a place where no one simply cares about his actions anymore. His close friends even cheer him on and pat his back. They treat him like he’s “the man” and they look up to him. He actually got there. He got to the Trump Place. This is the place that many men dream about getting to. If one friend has a problem with it, there is a new friend here to take her place. Who needs her? That friend will never get anywhere, and it was simply for being aware. Only those who turn a blind eye will rise to the top. They are wise enough not to make him stop. For anything that you say, he will certainly make you pay. He has that power, and he doesn’t need you. He doesn’t need your judgement.

It even happened to the most unlikely candidate, to someone who at one time was against these kinds of things. He not only spoke out with his words, he spoke out with his actions and with his fashion. He wanted nothing to do with any of this, and this the the man I had an immense amount of respect for. This is the man who inspired me to write. This is the man who broke me out of my creative shell.

He was also the man who completely shut me down, and obliterated all my perceptions of him. He couldn’t respect me for my talents alone. I am not beautiful enough. I am not single enough. I am not popular enough. He is now one of THEM, and I need to respect that. These are his choices. They are a lot cooler than I am. They have a lot more friends.

Who cares though? Who cares about me? It is what it is. This is how the world works. To say I am not discriminated against because I am not emotionally able to handle this 180 degree transition is a complete lie. He does have power, and he will only support students who support him and who are willing to play his games. That’s why everyone has a problem with having a problem with it. He does have power. He has lots of power.

That’s why it’s so much easier to go scream at Trump.

I know that the majority of friends that have the biggest problems were all Bernie supporters. Bernie is not a woman. He is an old man. When did the election start to become all about this? When did Trump become some kind of symbol? Why is this hurting women so much? Is it about being forced to accept the truth? If that is all it is, then maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Accepting the truth is the first step towards moving forward.

The truth is that we keep doing it. Over and over again. We keep making excuses. We are the ones handing over that power. We are the ones creating a status where men are no longer personally liable for any of their actions that all men can strive to achieve. We then congratulate them and look up to them for it. We even vote them into office.

“Well, it’s not like he’s doing it to me.” But then again, neither is Trump.

How to connect to God/Source

Part of the reason I fell off track is because I lost my connection to God/source. For reference, I am talking about the God/source from the Hebrew Bible. This is not in any way shape or form a Pagan thing.

Earth religions are not evil, but they revolve around connecting to the energy from the Earth’s core. When you connect to God/source you are connecting to the energy from the core of the Universe. That’s the difference. This energy is much stronger than anything that comes from the Earth, Sun, or other planets or stars. It can help you abolish any sort of negative energy in your life that’s holding you back. Earth energy is simply not strong enough to completely abolish negative energy. Your mind may feel more clear after taking a camping trip or hiking in the woods, but eventually you will need to get back to your own life. That’s when you need God/Source. If you live in a city like Chicago you were born with emphatic gifts, you will need God/Source. End of story.

https://vimeo.com/hayhouse/review/87725563/4b78ab10b9  –Video on how to connect to source. http://www.healyourlife.com/the-secret-to-connecting-with-god


For the majority of my life I simply ran away from negative energy. I am very sensitive to things like that. When I lived in San Antonio, TX I didn’t have that kind of problem. The energy in San Antonio is incredibly positive. It’s a happy place. I simply absorbed all the happiness around me and it made me happy. I did have some problems while living in Austin, but it was very mild. I could manage it. In fact, it inspired me to become more of an activist. There is an overwhelming amount of negative energy in Chicago, and I had no choice but to learn how to connect to source/God myself. There is no more running away. I wish I learned to do this a lot sooner, so I could live in large cities and protect myself from the negative energy. Nothing is more powerful than God/source.

Anyone who has ever had problems with “bad vibes” probably also has the talent to connect to God/source, the Arch Angels, and to Jesus Christ directly. You are an empath. If you have the ability to sense negative energy, you also have the ability to tap into angelic energy. It will make you “normal”.

You can walk down the streets in a large city or enter any space. You will feel so empowered. You will no longer be scared by bad vibes from people, places, or things. Don’t allow a fear of “bad vibes” ruin your life or get in the way of your destiny. Not everyone you meet will be Christian, and not every space you enter will be Christian. Not to mention, a lot of Christians and Christian spaces also have really bad vibes.

You will not be protected. Running away and isolating yourself from the world will not protect you. All it will do is get in the way of your destiny.

After connecting to source, it will shatter all your preconceived images of God. However, after you read the bible again you will understand it’s only your perceptions of God that were shattered. The Hebrew/Christian God is source. This is the God that Abraham and Moses connected to, and their descriptions of Him are pretty accurate. This may not be how you wish to see God, but it’s probably for the better to accept God for whom He really is.

Worshiping an imaginary God is worse than Paganism or Atheism. That’s considered to be idolatry, and as you know from the story of Moses that makes Him MAD. If you worship a fake God you will have serious problems finding heaven or the light after you die, and I know this because most of the souls I helped rescue and helped bring to the light were Christians. They were trapped in purgatory.

I learned to connect to source again by attending a Mediumship School in Lisle, IL. The owner Diana is very connected to source and she also hosts private therapy and healing sessions. The best way to learn to connect to source is to find someone already connected to source and have them establish the connection for you. Before she begins any private therapy sessions or teaches any classes, she connects to source.

The problem is that I was only able to connect to source during these sessions. I was blocked by negative energy. Fortunately for me, my husband is Jewish. He wasn’t born Jewish, but he was Jewish for ten years. His first wife was Jewish. He has a really strong connection to source. If you know anyone who happens to be Jewish, you can probably connect to source through them. So if what I am about to explain is simply not working out for you, locate someone who is Jewish and ask them to do this with you. Or contact Diana. Her school is called the Academy of Spiritual Arts.

Most Jewish people I know are not anti-Jesus, they just don’t believe he’s God. Some Jewish people may think of him as an Ascended Master. That may be a little closer to the actual scenario. Am I Jewish now? The fact of the matter is, Jesus Christ is not strong enough to rid me of the negative energy that bothers me. I had to learn to connect to source myself. When I ask Jesus for help, he usually tells me to ask for Michael. Michael destroys negative energy. Jesus saves souls after you die and while you are still alive. When Jesus cleared out negative energy while he was alive, he connected to Michael. You can too.

In my meditations, I call on or invoke Arch Angel Micheal. Arch Angel Uriel. Arch Angel Rafael. Arch Angel Jophiel. Arch Angel Ariel. Arch Angel Gabriel. Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. You can do this all in your mind, or out loud. They hear you either way. Once they are present then I ask them to clear the space of any negative energy, deliver any souls that need delivering, and to dispatch any demonic energy to the blackness of the universe.

Then I need to mentally go higher, higher, higher until I reach the core of the Universe. It is how one would imagine it, with bright white light. Then I ask to connect to source. Once you get him, he will probably have a frank message for you. He will present himself in a non threatening way, and as someone old enough to be your father but not your grandfather. He doesn’t want you to be scared of him. The message he gives you is a message from the Universe. Then, he will clear you of any negative energy. Just like that. Snap of the fingers. Done.

One way to know that this is actually source is that you will feel an overwhelming sense of peace and all negative energy will simply dissipate. If that didn’t happen, then you didn’t get source. Go higher. Like I said before, you might be blocked. So find someone already connected to source to do this with you. If you keep trying this over and over again and it doesn’t work, then you are blocked.

Once this portal to heaven is opened, it will stay open until everything is cleared out. It takes a little longer to clear out the room. The Arch Angels will keep it open and close it when it needs to be closed. If you did this properly, then you don’t even need to stay. It will all take care of itself.

Now Mary is not an Archangel, she’s an Ascended Master. The difference between Arch Angels and Ascended Masters is that Arch Angels need your permission to help. You can’t ask them to help others unless you have that person’s permission. If you ask Mary to help someone, the person who needs help doesn’t even need to be a Christian. She can help anyone, and she doesn’t need anyone’s permission. That’s why she’s the patron Saint of criminals. Saint=Ascended Master. They are the same thing.

Saints and Ascended Masters are human souls that went to the light/heaven, and then they were sent back because they have a job to do. They are always connected to source. Regular or demonic ghosts are not, and they can only appear if they are connecting to Earth energy or if they are feeding of off life energy. That’s why there tends to be a lot of spiritual activity when atmospheric pressure is high. Saints and Ascended Masters are much stronger than regular ghosts because their energy comes directly from source, and any advice that they give is aligned with source. It will help you with your destiny.

If you are unable to connect to source directly, then start by trying to connect to Mary and Jesus.

Jesus on the other hand is like an Arch Angel, and he works closely with Arch Angel Michael who has similar duties. Jesus was an Arch Angel before he came to earth to live as a man, and he resumed his angelic duties after he went back to heaven. He has the same powers of an Arch Angel, except his aura image usually doesn’t have wings. Sometimes it does, it depends on what aspect of him you wish to invoke.

He came to earth to live as a man because he needed to learn about compassion. It’s hard to forgive someone if you don’t understand what it is like to live as a man. His duties pertain to saving souls and reincarnation. It doesn’t matter what religion you are, you are not going to be saved or reincarnated unless you go to Jesus Christ. It’s not the end of the day if you are not a Christian. Many non-Christians are saved as well. They recognize Jesus and go to him. The image of Christ is universal.

Sometimes there is a paradox, people with no knowledge of Jesus Christ are more likely to go to him because they don’t have any preconceptions of him. Many Christians are held back from the light because Jesus Christ wasn’t who they thought he was, or they are just plain scared. They need some convincing. Unless a small child was taught to fear God, they usually go straight to Jesus because that’s the natural thing to do. That’s his job. It has always been his job. Michael can certainly help take you to the light, but only Jesus Christ can save your soul and reincarnate you. Jesus is pretty forgiving. All you need to do is believe, or at the bare minimum not be scared. Think of it as more like nature, and forget about all those stories the nuns told you. They are simply not true. They were just trying to get you to behave.


There are a lot of lies going around about Jesus Christ, but I assure you that the real Jesus Christ does not hate you. He loves you and he wants to give you another chance at life. Many of the people I meet who are old souls are homosexual for example, so obviously Jesus Christ doesn’t hate homosexuals. He wouldn’t have brought them back to life if he hated them. So obviously, he doesn’t hate homosexuals. He has a purpose for you. You should try connecting to source to find out what it is. Source is very frank, and He does not lie. It’s better to find out now, rather than later. You can do something about it now.

Part of what I do when I clear spaces is that I invoke Jesus Christ and then I convince the soul in question to accept Jesus Christ with the help of the Arch Angels and then they finally pass over. It works better when a group of mediums do this. Some are very stubborn. Souls can accept Jesus after they die, but it’s much harder. Accept him while you are still alive. Otherwise, you can’t pass over without the help of a Christian medium.

You are then at the mercy of mediums accepting their gifts in a world that discriminates against psychic/mediums and then hope that they find a Christian Medium to train them. Good luck with that. The only group that is discriminated more than homosexuals in Christian churches is psychic/mediums. I feel like I am forced between loving God with a group of people, or loving God alone and using my gifts. I am forced to work out of the closet. There is absolutely no one campaigning for my rights. I feel a lot more at home around improvisers. At least then I can use my gifts to do something. You need to be sensitive to energy to be an improviser, and improv is all about training you to use these gifts.

The meditation is Jewish/Christian, but there are no society preconceptions preventing you from connecting to source. The only thing that prevents you is your own misconceptions. It’s kind of New Age. Anyone can connect to source. In the Catholic Religion, the biggest mortal sin is losing your connection to source. So get connected!  As long as you are connected to source, then you can be confident you are living your life the right way. It frees you from oppression. It frees you from hate. I personally feel a lot more free. I finally feel normal. I can go anywhere and do anything.

Yes, but this goes against my religious beliefs! Ahh, I am not about to have a religious argument here. I am just trying to teach you how to connect to source. It is going to be very hard for you to connect to source without invoking the Arch Angels first. I am sorry you don’t want to believe. If you don’t want to benefit from connecting to source because it conflicts with your world view, then that’s your choice. The message in this blog is obviously not for you. Move along. [gestures with hand]

Ironically, the people who are most connected to source are the ones who least believe in it. Their life is going great and they are protected from negative energy. So if you don’t have any problems connecting to source, then this message is not intended for you. However, you can probably help those in need if you are willing to take a leap of faith. Maybe it is intended for you. You can help just by being present.

I will discuss how this all relates to improv later. However, negative energy does affect performances so if you can clear out the space the night before a show you will have a much better show. It is a lot easier to improvise in a cleared out space.

Doreen Virtue has a wonderful page with Angel invocations:


Neal Farley is a Christian Psychic Medium and minister who captures aura pictures during spirit rescue events that he used to hold at his home. This is a link to his Facebook group. It’s really fascinating. All the pictures below are copied from his page.



Aura image of an Angel guiding a spirit to the light.

Aura image of Angel during rescue event.

Aura image of Jesus Christ. There are three ways to look at this. One is a face of a man, but the other way is the crucified Christ. If you turn that image in your mind, the thorns becomes a beard and it’s Jesus looking up at heaven as a man. Pretty cool.


Collage of aura images of Christ that Neil put together. They were taken with his high speed camera during a spirit rescue event he held at his home. A rescue event is where a medium establishes a connection to source, and invokes angels along with Jesus Christ to guide spirits through.

Aura picture of Jesus holding staff. There is a soul behind him wanting to be saved. It looks like he or she might be a performer of some kind, because of the theater lights. This is one of my personal favorites. It makes it feel more real when you can capture it in a photo. This is not a painting.

Aura picture of an Angel. Neil didn’t mention who she was on his page, but to me she looks like Arch Angel Jophiel.

Aura picture of Jesus saving children. He has a white cloak and he’s holding a staff. There are souls of children all around him. He’s going to bring them to the light. This picture was not taken by me, but it was taken by a Neil at a rescue event he held at his home.

Aura image of Arch Angel Micheal

Aura Image of Arch Angel Michael


My thoughts on this election.

As far as I am personally concerned, no one’s Facebook campaign personally influenced my vote. I am a partisan voter and I voted for the person that I personally knew the best. I met Gary Johnson a few times, and I even helped organize a rally for him at UT Austin. I am not inspired enough by him to campaign for him on Facebook or elsewhere, but he already had my vote before all this campaign back and forth started. I would feel like a complete traitor otherwise. I can’t do a 180 degree flip like that. Sorry.

I have been watching this all unfold from the outside. I have been without an opinion. For the first time in my life, I have actually been more interested in sports than politics. It was a good year to be interested in sports, especially if you live in Chicago. Go Cubs!

Unless the Libertarian candidate completely appalls me, like in 2008, I will probably vote for the Libertarian candidate. In 2008, I actually voted for Obama. He was the candidate I knew the best. My vote didn’t really matter though, because I voted in Texas. When I first started in politics, I was a Democrat and I worked for the DCCC which Obama was in charge of. I am not ashamed of myself, and even though I didn’t vote for Obama in the last election I am going to miss him. To be honest, this election scares me.

At the end of the day, my personal day to day life has improved during the Obama administration. He created great payment plans for students with college loan debt. He extended pay as you go. Even though Obamacare is not perfect, it is not forced on anyone and it has created a way for independent contractors to get affordable health care. If you are just starting out with your business, you will probably qualify for Medicaid since he raised the limits. We no longer have that fear of losing our health insurance. That’s good for artists. My husband has not quit his job yet, but it’s nice to know he has that option. He is not trapped at a job that he hates. He can take a chance on himself. I also like how much Obama cleaned up the city of Chicago. I spend a lot of time there. The Obamas also discovered Lin-Manuel Miranda, and he has proven to be a great inspiration to me.

I think people vote for two reasons. They have their political ideals. However, at the end of the day it’s really more about yourself. This person you are voting for is not your buddy. You vote for the person who is most likely to improve your own day to day life. At the end of the day, it’s all about you. How will this person improve your day to day life?

I am a Democratic leaning Libertarian. I always have been. The only exception was Ron Paul, and other Republicans of his persuasion. If there wasn’t a Libertarian to vote for on the ballot this year, I voted Democrat. I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but most people don’t know Libertarians very well. For example, a lot of people nark on Ayn Rand for using medicare to pay for her medical bills. If a Libertarian is forced to pay for something, they will of course use it. Ayn Rand paid her taxes. She paid her premium. All senior citizens have Medicare whether they want it or not. They have no choice.

Libertarians would rather not have their choices taken away. It would be kind of stupid to pay for two health insurance policies. Libertarians tend to be kind of cheap, so they would never pay for two policies to prove a point. That’s wasteful. It’s just insulting to insinuate that Ayn Rand would be too stupid to take out her own health insurance policy unless the government forced her to.

Libertarians simply understand that there is no such thing as a free lunch. If I am forced to pay for this so called “free lunch”, I am going to eat the lunch. Plain and simple. Even if I hate how it tastes. I PAID FOR IT. At the end of the day though, I would just rather be able to choose my own lunch. Many Libertarians go out of their way to use government services as a personal statement, even if they personally have no use for it. So if I qualify, of course am going to use it. My husband and I both pay our taxes. Nothing is free. We are getting nothing for free. The only real difference between us and perhaps a typical Democrat is that we understand this. We know it’s not free.

I am more against paying for things at a national level where I have no control than I am at a local level where people have more control. If I have a problem with it, I can simply move out to the boonies. I choose where I live. If communities want to pay for services that’s their business. People choose to live there. When decisions are made at the national level, that takes away choices. The only way to protest these decisions is to move to another country, rather than just to another county. It seriously can disrupt someone’s life.

Besides, the current tax revenue doesn’t pay for anything at a national level anyway. It just pays for the interest on the money borrowed. The national government is running at a pretty serious deficit. The funds used to pay for things at the national level is taken from US Treasury bonds. Anyone can go online and buy bonds and China has heavily invested in US Treasury bonds. We still pay for it because this economic manipulation makes American made goods more expensive than Chinese made goods, and if China ever decides to cash out those bonds the US will be in serious financial trouble. It’s not free. We pay for it. Not directly, but we do. We pay for it by giving away the control of our own economy. We pay for it by consigning away the future of our children. It’s not free. Nothing ever is.


I am a Jeffersonian Democrat all the way. Less government control at the top and more control at the local level. I know that’s not very “Hamilton” like, but I admire Lin-Manuel Miranda more for his writing style. Neither Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump meet this criteria. So I am a true outsider in this presidential race. I am just observing these events unfold from the outside.

However, as someone who studied political science, this election has really intrigued me. It is one of the biggest political upsets in American History. I don’t think even Donald Trump thought he was going to win. All the polls were wrong. It throws all the election science and established theories out the window. As my husband puts it, “It’s bizzoroland”. How did this happen?

I think one of the biggest mistakes that Hillary Clinton and her supporters made is that they insulted the Trump supporters. Donald Trump is a pretty insulting person, but he never insulted entire groups of people. He only insults certain people, and right after that he compliments the group that the person represents. He insults specific women, not all women. Of course Hillary’s supporters made it become about all women but Trump never insulted all women. He only insulted specific women. Since Clinton was so politically correct, she never named specific people. She instead chose to insult entire groups of people. These groups of people don’t tend to vote, so politicians have never traditionally catered to them. She probably didn’t find them to be a threat to her campaign. These people may complain to their buddies at work or troll the comment sections online while they are not at work, but they don’t typically vote.

I come from a working class background. My father was a machinist, and my mother was a very depressed stay at home mom. Even though my mother attended college and she was very close to graduating, she never considered herself to be an elite individual and neither did anyone else. She simply accepted her fate, without grace. I even worked at my Dad’s factory for a summer. My dad did vote though, and ironically I currently vote exactly the way he did. We have that much in common. He votes Democrat in local elections and for a more Libertarian leaning candidate in national elections. He voted for Reagan.

Working class people simply don’t trust anyone involved in politics. They think that “they” are all corrupt. The political or management class is always referred to as “they” and “them”. The people who “really” control the government remain nameless. Everything is some kind of conspiracy. My parents think everyone involved in politics sexually assaults people to some degree, so what’s the difference?

One may think that by exposing Trump’s gaffs that would make working class people change their mind about him. However, working class people think the entire political class is full of evil fucks. They are all a part of the Illuminati and they are out to get us.

Working class people are not stupid, even though the college educated class seems to think they are. They simply don’t give a shit anymore. They have simply accepted their fate, without grace. They don’t see themselves as having any power or control over the situation, so why even bother? It’s always the same thing. They know how to keep their mouths shut and collect a paycheck. Not getting paid is what will personally affect their lives. They tend to care more about feeding their families than ideologies that they see as being completely out of their control.

However, if you go out of your way to insult them they will find the motivation. It’s not about Trump anymore. They don’t give a shit about Trump. Whether it’s Trump or Hillary, it doesn’t mean a damn thing. It’s always the same thing. Nothing has motivated people who feel like they don’t have a voice to get off the couch and vote more than Hillary Clinton and her supporters. It’s no longer a vote for Trump. It’s a vote against the establishment. It’s a way to piss off people who somehow think they are superior.

It’s not just the husbands involved. The wives think exactly the same way.

It may not make a lot of sense because obviously Trump is also the establishment, but his opposition chose to attack the supporters. So now, it’s all about the supporters. Clinton’s supporters turned this election into a populist movement, on both sides.

If you are going to run a campaign, attack specific racists. Attack specific misogynists. Attack specific rednecks. Attack specific members of the working class. Don’t attack entire groups of people. Trump only attacked specific people. The states that flipped to red in this election were predominately blue collar states. Hillary somehow managed to personally insult all of them. She even somehow managed to personally insult Michael Moore. He’s not from the working class, but his entire family is. He flipped sides.

I read his Facebook post, and he is optimistic that Clinton won the popular vote. He’s optimistic because of the show of supporters, not because of Clinton herself. He’s optimistic about the populist movement she created.

The voiceless majority who never even bothered to register to vote in previous elections felt motivated to get out to the polls in mass numbers. They got the time off. They early voted. Also, at the end of they day it’s all about personal interest. It’s not about choosing a symbol for America as far as they are concerned. How will this person improve my own personal life? That’s the question.

Donald Trump may have a potty mouth, but he tends to have great instincts about people. He doesn’t tend to let his personal views get in the way of evaluating someone’s skills and determining whether they can do the job or not. He does hire great people. He defended Dr. Ben Carson after he was snubbed at the debates, and then he listened to all his advice later on. He respects Dr. Ben Carson. Hillary on the other hand, discriminates against everyone when she makes decisions like this. For her, it is all about political gain.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t seem to have the clarity that Donald Trump has when it comes to hiring people based on their skills and their internal character. The disturbing dream I had was in reference to Hillary Clinton by the way. It’s not about her personally but about some of the people working for her. It has to do with the content inside the e-mails. So I am a little relieved right now that people like that won’t be appointed to positions of power, not that I am in anyway shape or form a supporter of Trump. I am just happy that I won’t need to suffer due to Hillary’s lack of judgement when it comes to appointing others to positions of power. It’s kind of like the show “Luke Cage”. She might be clean and be a great symbol herself, but the people who work for her are anything but clean.

At least Donald Trump will appoint people based on their skills. He doesn’t owe anyone any favors. In fact, it’s clear that he did something to piss “them” off. The ominous “They” and “Them”. All his dirty laundry was aired. It may have actually helped.

At least the people know exactly what they are getting. Assange was asked why he didn’t release anything about Trump, and his reply was that he didn’t have anything. As Saturday Night Live joked, Donald Trump’s wikileaks is his own twitter account. While the FBI may have cleared Hillary of criminal charges for the e-mail leak, that doesn’t excuse the content written in the e-mails. Even though MSM completely ignored this, right-wing conspiracy websites were all over it. Except in this case it isn’t some kind of conspiracy, it’s actually true. The proof is in the e-mails. “They” have all been named.

Hillary is a brilliant politician and she simply doesn’t make mistakes like that. Perhaps she knew that she was dying and she decided to make things right with the world. Perhaps there is goodness in her heart. This makes me optimistic about the future of America, because now they are all working on the right page. They are all simply pawns in a game that they never wanted to be a part of. If my optimistic take on this is true, Hillary shouldn’t be indicted by the FBI. She should be given a humanitarian award. I want to give her a hug!

I am not insinuating that she wanted to throw her election. If she wanted to do that, she would have done so in a much more straightforward manner. She wanted to be president. Others are so willing to create conspiracies about the evil in people. Why can’t I create conspiracies about the goodness in people? This narrative works much better for me, and America.

I am pretty sure Trump won’t start pressing buttons to launch nuclear missiles. He has no desire to start World War III. His business is real estate. He builds buildings. Hillary on the other hand does. It would be good for the business of her supporters. I was never a Keynesian, and I believe the broken window fallacy is just that. A fallacy. She wants to put a no fly zone up and shoot down Russian planes. I don’t want a world war. I am not even going to get into everything else here.

Bernie’s supporters did a great job of that already.

I kind of miss comedy. Comedy has gone really down hill during the Obama years. At least Trump is really good for comedy. Since I am a comedian, that’s good for me. He’s great for my profession. Everyone I know will love to hate him. They stand to profit from this. Take this as a gift. It’s not like anything can be done about it. Not now. Stand up, and become the symbol that America so desperately needs right now yourself. You can do it!

I am just trying to find the positive. That’s all. What is done is done.

Anyway, as far as my Democrat friends go you missed out on all the great victories in IL. I watched the returns on WGN which focused on local elections. Overall, the house and the senate have turned red, but the local elections in IL turned out great. The national election may not have turned out the way you liked, but since so many Democrats turned out in IL to vote for Hillary there have been a lot of turnovers at the local level. Your Facebook campaigns have not been in vain. Those people won because of you. There were also many marijuana ballot measures in several states, and most of them passed. Now, you can have a great vacation and not even have to leave the country.

UPDATE 11/13/2016

It’s been brought to my attention by my Libertarian friends that Hillary lost primarily due to low Democratic voter turnout. So many people that voted in the last election for Barack Obama simply failed to turn out during this election. Even Trump got fewer votes than Romney, but not that much fewer. With Hillary there was a substantial difference. I did notice that when I went to vote there wasn’t even a line, and I found that strange.

Trump garnered fewer overall votes nationwide than John McCain and Mitt Romney, the past two losing GOP nominees, did in 2008 and 2012. As of this writing, with almost all votes counted, Trump has tallied 59,611,678 votes; Romney pulled in 60,933,504 in 2012, and McCain 59,948,323 in 2008.

By comparison, Hillary’s 59,814,018 votes (which won her the popular vote, but not the Electoral College vote) is considerably less than the 69,498,516 Obama got in 2008, and the 65,915,795 he received in 2012. She was particularly hurt by low turnout in crucial swing states.


Here is an article about the Hillary Clinton scandal I was referring to in the original essay: